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Home. The office. Your first baby’s nursery. The church where you married the love of your life. You have a special bond with certain places in your life. Most of the time, those places are special because of the people you share them with.

That’s why we specialize in people first, using our experience in real estate, investing, and property management to connect our favorite people (that’s you) with their next important place.

Let’s find your next important place.



Manage your commercial properties efficiently

With over $20 million of property in our portfolio, we know what it takes to maintain your property. We also specialize in science & tech properties.


Build wealth with investment properties

Picking the right investment alone isn’t enough. We’ll make sure you’re getting the best deal possible, and then help you maximize ROI.


Manage assets or property within an estate trust

Trusts, large and small, come with special challenges. Our experience makes us the right choice to help you build and manage them successfully.


Maximize profit through marketing and advertising

No matter what you’re listing or selling, our marketing people are the best. We’ll even let you borrow them if you promise to give them back.


Find a new, forever dream home for you & your family

Our residential team will leave no stone unturned finding your next best move. In fact, they’re probably already searching listings for you. Like, right now.


List and sell your home or property for a great price

Don’t leave money on the table. From yard signs to ad copy in your online listing, we’ll help you wring every penny out of your residential home sale.

If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.

—C.S. Lewis

We’re going to love working with you.

Eric Elmquist, Founder, Principal

Eric Elmquist, Founder, Principal

Loves building relationships & property values

Eric built Covalent Properties around his desire to connect people with their goals. Whether you’re looking for the financial security that comes from the right investment, or the emotional security that comes from finding the perfect home, Eric and Covalent Properties can help. Eric’s science background has also made Covalent one of the most highly qualified companies in the region in science-based commercial real estate.

Laurel Pankratz, Property Manager

Laurel Pankratz, Property Manager

Pretty much single-handedly holds the place together

There are people-people, and then there are Laurel-kind-of-people. She’s a tireless solver of problems, as quick with a smile as she is to answer customer requests. As employee #1, she’s also been a big part of making Covalent happen. But if you really want to see her shine, put a camera in her hand and watch her work.

Leah Elmquist, Executive Coordinator

Leah Elmquist, Executive Coordinator

Master and commander of special projects

Leah’s a doer, a thinker, a mover and a shaker all rolled into one great package. She tackles a wide range of projects that pop up, from the big to the small, meaning she might have the pleasure of working with all of our clients in one capacity or another. Which works out well, because of all the people persons we know, she’s one of the best. 

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